Friday, 14 December 2007

More Google grumbles

Well I have finally arrived (apparently) it now seems that there is a way for Google to find me, finally. That didn't take long (only about 10 years) I did a search for 'nateallen' and for the first time in the history of my site I appeared in a search result - wahoo. I then found that a search for 'nate allen rambles' brings you directly to my blog (weird that what with this blog being hosted by Google) and this blog has links to my site. I dont know maybe another 10 years will see my ambition to get in the Google top 10 by searching for just 'nathan or nate allen'.

I wish I didn't have such a common name, and that bastard 'Destroy Nate Allen' doesn't help my cause much either, mind you I think Google has a mind of its own. Yahoo finds me easily but doesn't find 'nate allen rambles' for this blog at all.

Ah well it's all fun it'll soon be Christmas...