Saturday, 23 July 2011

Holy Google COW!

In the past I did PLENTY of moaning about getting page rankings in Google. In fact I first started looking at this in 2007 (4 years ago)! In the space of 72 hours I have managed to register a domain name (, write a small amount of rubbish about setting up the site; putting my name in several places on the site, with a few links to help me along.

Unbelievably I already find has been crawled by the Monster Google Bot and appears in a search for 'nate allen uk'. Realistically I would prefer the search for nate (or nathan) allen to feature higher in the page rankings but there are some far bigger doggs out there :?

It will definitely be a SEO excersize for me now, honestly I am amazed (see this blog post); that site NEVER made it into Google searches in 4 years. I suspect that to be a nuance of the free blueyonder web service (but I really am tight and didnt want to pay Mr Branson any more money).

Since then I have tried DYNDNS NO-IP and home hosting, but that didnt work either (2 years); so thanks Chris it would seem you were right all along, I should have done this 2 years ago when you first suggested it eh?

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Some people are completely unbelievable

I seriously considered that posting a web form for email contact would prevent me from getting SPAM from my website. Having to deal with the amount of rubbish that seems to appear in work inboxes for manly extensions and drugs that can keep you up at night I was seriously disappointed when I came home on Friday to find an email in my home inbox for these drugs sent from my web form!

To be honest I had been considering image verification on forms, but I am not a fan of the 'type the following letters...' on forms.

Thank god for justhumans is all I can say and I think I will become a firm advocate of click on the fire truck to submit. I think that anyone that wants to have a feedback form on their site and doesnt want any SPAM to be generated by it should consider using this superb free system. Thanks Anders!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Lets see how long this takes.

I decided to host my own site (not sure how good an idea that is), but 2 firewalls should help. Using Apache webserver (because XP Home doesnt allow IIS) and FileZilla Server for ftp I set myself up with a no-ip domain. So is now live. I have submitted the latest nate-dogg site to Google (with a sitemap) and we will see how long Google takes to drag its heels and index this one. The last site didnt take too long really (only the 10 years) I am hoping that with a sitemap submission and links from here and there it should be available soon, fingers crossed...

Friday, 20 June 2008

I just gave up and found myself on FaceBook...

Its been ages since I had anything to say on this BLOG, mainly because I can now be found in Google (result...). In fact I even come up 9th on a search for 'nate allen' on (1st on!) and even 6th on in a search for 'nate a'!

So, no more whingeing, whineing, moaning, groaning, or general grumbling from this dogg, cus I got nothing left to moan about (except my bloody page rank). Once again my page rank information has disappeared - for no apparent reason either. Also for no apparent reason (the link to this BLOG tite is very tenuous) I found myself on FaceBook this week and thought I would see how many people I know that use it (everyone apparently). I set up a page and gathered myself a few friends, added a few apps and posted some complete drivel and tonight I noticed the page rank on my facebook 'homepage' is 6! I have added links to my site and this BLOG. Does that mean I will gain ranking points from there? - I very much doubt it, but it has to be worth a try (or a laugh). Anyway why don't you Facebook Me Lets see how this goes....

Thursday, 14 February 2008

More whingeing from the dogg

Well I missed the 14th last month but I thought as it was Valentines I would post this month to express my love for Google, Destroy Nate Allen, Nate Dogg and that crap Bebo. Come on Google what are you playing at? Now it seems that you want to rate dodgy member profiles from Bebo for anyone named Nate or Nathan Allen first in a search for 'nate allen'. Behave. My site mentions nate nathan allen (several times) and cannot present a more relevant website than that in a search, surely Bebo profiles should be ignored in much the same way that most sane people ignore Bebo generally.

I have looked into the way that Google wants pages to be created, linked, and accessable and have done all that is asked to make me search better and yesterday found me dropped down the list from 1st (where I belong) to 7th - behind 2 different Bebo profiles a new book that has been released 'tales from hog heaven' and (once again) that bastard Destroy Nate Allen (who appears to be getting married now) - congratulations by the way!

Incidentally I am a way too old IT manager from Bristol UK that is already married with 2 kids; Neave 'Moon' Allen and Isaac 'Fox' Allen, and if you have read any of my monthly blog, or ranting as most people call it, you will realise I am probably the most miserable blogger you will ever come across.

Happy Valentines.

Monday, 21 January 2008

looks like its time to Destroy Nate Allen

Well here we are again and although I am still confused about how Google works out where you rank on search engine results, I am happy to say that tonight a search for nate allen on Google uk returned my homepage first in a search result. I am fairly convinced that a link from a friends PR4 page certainly hasn't hindered my cause.

I read tonight that page rank is no longer important and that it soon won't be taken into consideration (this from a guy that has PR4 homepage and a PR7 blog). My target now has to be to get a result from Google .com (I appear on page 2 today) all I can say is; if I can rank higher than Destroy Nate Allen (Nate Dogg next...) then I will be happy.

UK today, the world tomorrow....

Friday, 14 December 2007

More Google grumbles

Well I have finally arrived (apparently) it now seems that there is a way for Google to find me, finally. That didn't take long (only about 10 years) I did a search for 'nateallen' and for the first time in the history of my site I appeared in a search result - wahoo. I then found that a search for 'nate allen rambles' brings you directly to my blog (weird that what with this blog being hosted by Google) and this blog has links to my site. I dont know maybe another 10 years will see my ambition to get in the Google top 10 by searching for just 'nathan or nate allen'.

I wish I didn't have such a common name, and that bastard 'Destroy Nate Allen' doesn't help my cause much either, mind you I think Google has a mind of its own. Yahoo finds me easily but doesn't find 'nate allen rambles' for this blog at all.

Ah well it's all fun it'll soon be Christmas...