Saturday, 23 July 2011

Holy Google COW!

In the past I did PLENTY of moaning about getting page rankings in Google. In fact I first started looking at this in 2007 (4 years ago)! In the space of 72 hours I have managed to register a domain name (, write a small amount of rubbish about setting up the site; putting my name in several places on the site, with a few links to help me along.

Unbelievably I already find has been crawled by the Monster Google Bot and appears in a search for 'nate allen uk'. Realistically I would prefer the search for nate (or nathan) allen to feature higher in the page rankings but there are some far bigger doggs out there :?

It will definitely be a SEO excersize for me now, honestly I am amazed (see this blog post); that site NEVER made it into Google searches in 4 years. I suspect that to be a nuance of the free blueyonder web service (but I really am tight and didnt want to pay Mr Branson any more money).

Since then I have tried DYNDNS NO-IP and home hosting, but that didnt work either (2 years); so thanks Chris it would seem you were right all along, I should have done this 2 years ago when you first suggested it eh?