Thursday, 14 February 2008

More whingeing from the dogg

Well I missed the 14th last month but I thought as it was Valentines I would post this month to express my love for Google, Destroy Nate Allen, Nate Dogg and that crap Bebo. Come on Google what are you playing at? Now it seems that you want to rate dodgy member profiles from Bebo for anyone named Nate or Nathan Allen first in a search for 'nate allen'. Behave. My site mentions nate nathan allen (several times) and cannot present a more relevant website than that in a search, surely Bebo profiles should be ignored in much the same way that most sane people ignore Bebo generally.

I have looked into the way that Google wants pages to be created, linked, and accessable and have done all that is asked to make me search better and yesterday found me dropped down the list from 1st (where I belong) to 7th - behind 2 different Bebo profiles a new book that has been released 'tales from hog heaven' and (once again) that bastard Destroy Nate Allen (who appears to be getting married now) - congratulations by the way!

Incidentally I am a way too old IT manager from Bristol UK that is already married with 2 kids; Neave 'Moon' Allen and Isaac 'Fox' Allen, and if you have read any of my monthly blog, or ranting as most people call it, you will realise I am probably the most miserable blogger you will ever come across.

Happy Valentines.

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